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Transparent Texture

Forged Fiber Board is an engineered wood panel that exceeds industry standards with its exceptional qualities, including fully sustainable and upcycled materials, smooth surface, consistent appearance, and homogeneous core. Our products are made from up-cycled waste streams and bio-based resins with zero water used and zero landfill waste created in the manufacturing process.


Discount applied on bulk orders.

2' x 4' Forged Fiber Board (FFB)

PriceFrom $10.35
    • Stronger Tensile, Compressive, and Flexural mechanical properties than MDF, OSB, and Plywood
    • More Environmentally friendly than existing building materials while also offering improved performance
    • Cuts, routes, and drills cleanly
    • Easy to shape and customize for unique designs
    • Can be painted, stained, veneered, and laminated with exceptionally beautiful outcomes
    • Minimal waste created during installation
    • Tool friendly and holds fasteners, screws, nails and brackets with no quality loss to the product
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